How to choose a perfect dining table for your home?


Choosing a perfect dining table.

Decorating your home can be frustrating but it is also a great way to experiment and express yourself. When it comes to choosing a right furniture for our home there are couple of things you might consider first. 

- The use of a specific unit

- Visual appearance of an item

The first thing that has to be taken into consideration when choosing a furniture is its use. When it comes to the use of a dining table it is simple. How many people are going to use it and how often? Some families have fewer members but they might have a demand for a larger table because they have guests coming often or some members use it for their work table as well, which demands a bit more space on the board of the table. The minimal space for a dining per person is 60 cm. That means that a dining table that is long 120 cm is enough for 4 people to use for a meal, no matter how they sit. That means that 185 cm board can be used easily for 6 persons. That is because the persons siting on both ends of a table needs less space on the boards length. Having in mind that 2 persons on each side use 120 cm, we see that more than 30 cm is available for extra 2 persons to sit on both ends, which is more than enough for a comfort dining. Both our models, UNI170 dinig table and HUE18 dining table models are available in that dimension, making it perfect for 6 persons, and yet not too big to require big dinning space.

When it comes to visual appearance of a particular model there are two things to take into consideration. 

- The design of a dining table

- The color of a board

The design of a dining table is something that have to fit with the design of your home, and it is completely up to you to figure this out. Whatever looks good for you IS good for you. It is as simple as that. Just go for something that pleases your eye. The color of a board is something else. Once you have found a dining table model that you like, you might want to make it fits more into the environment you already have. Usually it has a lot to do with the flooring that is already installed in your home. The most common wood used for high end flooring is oak wood. It is durable and beautiful for the eye. If you have solid wood flooring and have no idea what it is it is probably oak. That is why we use this wood for all of our products since our beginnings. However, if your home demands a bit darker unit, we offer walnut stained version of the oak board, making it look a bit darker but still warm and natural. Make sure to check on our products to see if those could meet your demand.

Whatever you choose just remember to have fun with it. Decorating your home is something that should bring joy and happiness to your hart. 



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  • Just got Hue180. Unbelievable.Thank you. Magnificent piece of furniture.

    Mathew on
  • You were right. Oak flooring in my apartment. Beautiful wood.

    Liam on
  • Great. Thanks!

    Marina on

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