What is the best wood for furniture?


Oak - simply the best.

If you are into solid wood furniture you have probably asked yourself, or someone you know the following question: What type of wood is best for furniture? Well, this common question, although frequently asked, is kinda hard to answer. First of all it depends on whether it is indoor or outdoor furniture. Some woods behave better than other outside simply because of their structure. To understand this it is important to understand that wood is living material. Even after it is processed, dried and protected, the wood stays capable of absorbing the water from its surrounding. Every solid wood furniture will react to the temperature and the moisture of the atmosphere. This is important to understand when choosing a solid wood furniture. Although it looks natural and pleasing for the eye, it has some limitations that should not be neglected. First of all, the humidity of its environment should not be high. The lacquer on the furniture might be strong and dense but it the water from the atmosphere will always find its way into the wood cells if possible. That is why it is essential to keep solid wood furniture in environment with constant humidity level environment. If the humidity changes over time, the wood will react to it and absorb and release the water, causing it to eventually crack. The temperature oscillations can cause board to crack also. Very cold or hot objects should never be placed directly onto the wooden board, no matter what kind of protection it had been treated with. However, some types of wood behave better than others. That is because their structure is heavier and more dense. They behave better than light woods and are less likely to crack under hard humidity conditions. However, all types of wood should meet certain criteria when it comes to drying but if prepared well, almost any kind of wood can be used for a certain kind of furniture. Dense and durable woods are ash, oak, walnut, maple etc. Light woods used for furniture are spruce, basswood... Light woods are usually used for decorative elements. Durable woods, including oak, are the best for tables, chairs, flooring and other. 

Why oak?

When it comes to our choice it is really simple. Oak is highly durable, it looks great and, even if you don't know it yet, you probably have something made from oak in your house already. Probably flooring, although it can be almost any other element of housing decoration, even construction. Oak had been used in construction for centuries. There are hundreds types of oak over the world but they all share a common feature and that is durability. We find it to be reliable source for furniture and, we think it looks great so we will stick with it for a long time hopefully. And you? What would be your choice?

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