The wood that we use for our products is European Oak (Quercus). It is highly durable and valuable material for almost any kind of furniture. Througout the centuries it was considered to be the best wood in the World and, therefore, was called `The King of the wood`. All of the cracks and openings on our boards are filled with highly durable epoxy ressin (unles stated differently in description).


The laquer on our products is acrylic transparent mate laquer. Unlike popular oils it is highly durable and easy to maintain.


Most of our base structures are made from steel and coated with our distinctive graphite finish. These maerials are very durable and very easy to clean and maintain. 

Some of our product bases are made from stainless steel (brushed). 

Other materials

All the materials used for our products are premium graded accessories. The glass that we use is tempered and mechanically processed.